1.Feb 25, 2013: Mr. Yogi Hsuan, General Manager of Meridigen and the son of the Emeritus Vice Chairman of UMC (United Microelectronics Corp.), John Hsuan announced today that Meridigen has licensed in the Anti-CD3 Collabody (an anti-CD3 collagen scaffold antibody) from Industrial Technology and Research Institute (ITRI). The total licensing fee would be amounted to over US$3,000,000 with milestone payments over several years.

The Anti-CD3 Collabody is a product derived from a novel platform technology developed by ITRI scientists to target at autoimmune related disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or lupus.

An anti-CD3 collabody, which forms a stable trivalent CD3-binding domain devoid of the Fc fragment of IgG, has been developed. This new biotherapeutic format can enhance the T-cell receptor modulation activity (drug potency) and yet reduce the risk of mitogenic side-effect over of the current anti-CD3 antibody counterparts. The competitiveness of anti-CD3 collabody includes: (1) It can be mass produced and purified in the same way as IgG molecules; (2) low dose treatment showed therapeutic efficacy; (3) no cytokine-release syndrome; (4) promising pharm/tox results in mice; (5) pilot chimpanzee studies have shown promise with primary PD and safety. The company is planning on initiating the clinical trials in the US following submitting the IND to the US FDA in a year to a year and half.

2.July 17th, 2012: John Hsuan, Emeritus Vice Chairman of UMC announced to form alliance with Dong Guan, Guandong, China with combined investment of US$315 million to build a Taiwan Biomedical Park at Song Shan Lake of Dong Guan city. Yogi Hsuan, General Manager of Meridigen stated that there are more than 10 biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies had expressed interests to get involved in the building of the Biomedical Park. (Economic Daily News)

3.May 2nd, 2012: The Vital 1st Management company raised US$ 10 Million from angel funding sources and the company expected to raise additional US$ 10 Million. The initial investment received by Meridigen from the Vital 1st Management company was US$ 2 Million.(Economic Daily News)